Should I Inspect My Roof?

should I inspect my roof

Should I inspect my roof for leaks? If you are physically able, it is a good idea to conduct your own routine roof inspection. One of the best places to start is in the attic. Even better, is to inspect in the attic while it is raining. Even with rain, it can be a challenge to find the exact location of a leak, so for the moment, we’ll look at some telltale signs that can indicate a roof leak. The ceiling in your home might have brown water stains, or in the attic one might notice the insulation is wet, flattened, or stained. The roof decking (viewed from attic) if it has dark stains would point to a leak. If you can get close enough to touch the area, and you have had recent rain and the wood is moist to touch. Ta Da!

In looking at the top side of the roof, we recommend climbing the roof only if your are experienced at doing so. If not, you should hire a professional. There are various things that would indicate the potential for a roof leak. For example, in the photo, the plumbing boot has degradation. That will be a leak point for sure! Loose, buckled, or missing shingles are probable leak points. Unsealed nail heads or penetrations are probable leak points. At Above All Else, we do specialty roof inspections. The photos shown are only 2 of the 60 that we took for a recent client. There were numerous and different issues we reported on. Our client will be sending our roof report to their insurance company.

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