Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is useful for detecting every minor change of temperature with the help of infrared technology. Thermal signature reacts to every unique structure in the form of a visible change in the results. Sometimes thermal signature change is slight, or other times it comes dramatically. The technology of thermal imaging makes it possible to show the results in the form of an image. 

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thermal imaging for home inspection

At Above All Else Home Inspections, LLC, we implement the latest technology and tools to give you the most accurate inspection possible. One way we do this is through thermal imaging. This allows us to detect even minor changes in temperature, something that could be a sign of a problem. It also allows us to more accurately assess how certain systems in your home are functioning.

Another primary use of thermal imaging is that it allows us to assess moisture problems, structural defects and electrical system problems. With 25 years of experience in the industry, our team works diligently and effectively to employ the right strategy that will give you the most thorough inspection possible of your unique home. Thermal imaging can be a useful part of pre-listing inspections, 11-month home warranty inspections, pre-purchase inspections and more. 

With this technology readily available to home inspectors, they use it because it helps to recognize various abnormal property components.

What do thermal imaging measures?

The basic purpose of thermal imaging is to measure the surface temperatures with the help of infrared technology. It makes the heat spectrum visible. One of the highlighting features of thermal imaging is the area’s division in terms of cool and warm places. They are essential quality control tools of this age. 

Why is thermal imaging a great source of help?

Heat measurement through thermal imaging is quite beneficial for home inspectors. You must be wondering why it helps; here we have got all of your answers. Look over the benefits of thermal imaging so see its importance.

The Benefits of Thermal Imaging

There are many reasons why thermal imaging could be the right tool for an accurate assessment of your home. Some of the benefits of this specific technology include the following:

It detects the hidden moisture under the walls. With time, the structure of home construction is becoming narrower and narrower. This has led to more minimal ventilation and a rise in toilets, laundry rooms, and air ducts containing spores and dampness. It also can assist in finding concealed moist areas that can be fixed.

It helps find structural defects that you may not be able to see with the naked eye. Thermal imaging helps us note variations in temperature and resistivity that inform us more about hidden missing structural components and damaged property parts. When we scan walls, floors, and ceilings with the camera, many houses may show damp concrete walls on top of the missing padding, which may be a viable cause of mold.

Another advantage of thermal imaging is the potential to identify danger zones in your house’s electrical system. As electrical wiring deteriorates, it induces heat at the connectors that our infrared device can detect. You avoid the risk of a fire accident by finding these early and can employ an electrician to fix the issue.

Monthly utility bills are one of the major costs for a home owner. It might result in a big energy bill if your home is unable to maintain heat effectively. For example, windows or doors in your home may be causing heat loss and to detect such areas of heat loss is possible through thermal imaging devices. A homeowner can save a significant amount on their monthly energy bill by addressing problems such as these.

It’s exciting to buy a home, but consider selecting a house with a proper inspection. It can’t be too difficult and necessary to find a home inspector who uses the thermal imaging process. They may cost you a little extra, but it is going to save you money this way. Make an inspector come across this kind of technology if you are concerned about selling your house. You will feel prepared to position your home for sale! This technology helps us to see what we cannot see through our naked eyes.

Whether you are a homeowner, commercial property owner or hope to purchase a home soon, consider first working with an experienced inspection company to protect your financial interests at every step. Above All Else Home Inspections, LLC, offers each of our clients in the Northwest Arkansas area the exceptional service and quality results they need and deserve.

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