Improper Chimney Flashing

Do you enjoy wood heat? I do! A wood burning appliance in the home is an awesome feature. It can provide heat on cold winter days;
Roof flashing

Do you enjoy wood heat?  I do!  A wood burning appliance in the home is an awesome feature.  It can provide heat on cold winter days; It can also serves as a cooking appliance in an emergency.  If you have a fireplace, it will have a chimney or flue to exhaust smoke and fumes.  Around the flue there should be flashing.  At Above All Else Inspections, we often see improper flashing, which has the potential for causing leaks. What is chimney flashing?

When a roof has a chimney built above the roof, there is a gap between the roofing structure and chimney structure.  This space needs to be sealed, so layers of sheet metal are put around the chimney to seal it. These layers are known as “flashing.”  Is chimney flashing important?

Chimney or vent flashing provide a layer of protection of interior components below the roof. The roof is what protects the home from moisture such as rain, sleet, wind, and snow.  The roof also protects you from other natural elements.  If there is a gap between the chimney and roof, it provides elements access into your home.  Thus, properly installed chimney flashing seals this space and keeps water, wind, and debris out.

Water has the potential for being destructive to a home’s interior finishes as well as having the potential for causing mold.  Do not let a lack of flashing or improperly installed flashing become an issue and source of moisture penetration in your home.  At Above All Else Inspections, LLC, If we observe any roofing or flashing issues, we will make the appropriate recommendations for further review and repair as needed by a licensed roofing contractor.  The photo shows improper flashing at the chimney.


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